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Car buyer's guide: Which vehicles will cost you the most in repairs?

Before you buy a new Maserati or minivan, you might want to find out how that new set of wheels is going to affect your wallet. If you can afford a Maserati Granturismo – with its minimum pricetag of $139,900 – then maybe you won’t mind that insurance companies consider it the most pricey...
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Cell phone blindness? It’s a reality on America’s roads

You’ve heard about night blindness, but how about cell phone blindness when it comes to driving safely on the road. It’s a proven malady for motorists, according to a recent University of Utah study, which contributes to an estimated 28 percent of all crashes and fatalities on...
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Percent of rollover deaths caused by a motorist being ejected.

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Drop that cellphone and put your hands up!

What is distracted driving? If you weren’t juggling that phone, and also holding that hot cup of coffee, while sitting behind the wheel, the... (Read More)

Drunk Driving: Night on the town or lifetime of regret

Cab drivers save lives every day, safely ferrying impaired drivers to their destination. Yet, it’s not enough to take a bite out of these... (Read More)

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